Quality Control

Quality is the basis for the survival of the enterprise, the cornerstone also leads to the market, high-quality products is a successful business of their own stringent requirements, and to the user to pay attention to, we have always adhered to "management is efficiency, the product is our character" business purposes, since 2004, began working in quality management, and has achieved by China Fangyuan Mark group certification issued by the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, Jiangsu Bureau of quality issued by the measurement assurance confirmation certificate, EU 2195-PED-1217802 (European Pressure Equipment Directive) product certification, AQSIQ issued class a pressure piping components manufacturing license.
1 production equipment and test equipment control
1) in the management of the company's equipment on the production equipment selection, procurement, filing, maintenance by the unified administration of the Ministry of technology to ensure equipment configuration should meet the special equipment safety technical specifications and production test need. Department of biotechnology according to demand purchase application plan, approved by the Secretary of the audit, the general manager of biotech, send business department purchasing. After operating the department according to the plan for the purchase, and combined with the actual situation of balance, prepare purchase plan, the responsibility for the equipment, audit, company leader for approval, the implementation of purchasing plan. Responsible for equipment organization to evaluate equipment manufacturers, and indicate in the purchase plan. After the arrival of equipment, equipment responsible organizations use units to carry out inspection and acceptance. After acceptance, use unit management. The technical documents by the equipment responsible for finishing, after examination, fill out the transfer list and set up accounts in the livelihood and archive department
(2) the company's inspection equipment, by measuring the responsibility division in accordance with national legal metrology regulations establish measurement management system and the inspection equipment ledger ", and formulate the annual calibration plan and organize the implementation of



2 control of raw material management
Company of raw materials by the purchasing department is responsible for procurement, by material responsibility division responsible for quality control, qa engineer supervision and inspection, the control process is as follows:
Material procurement ---- > supplier selection, evaluation and control ---- > material procurement plan ---- > contract review and signed ---- > material acceptance ---- > material storage and distribution ---- > material tracking (material warehouse ledger, process card)



3 the product realization process control
Production process in the production plan for instruction, "process" through the line, coherence of the machining process, work instructions, process procedures and other technical documents for the production of technical support. The process of determining customer requirements. ---- > production preparation process ---- > raw material procurement ---- > production manufacturing process (cold and heat processing, heat treatment and welding special process) ---- > inspection and test ---- > delivery



4 inspection and test control
Our company manufactured products with national regulations and standards, product drawings, rules for the inspection of control principles for the inspection and test; to QA Engineer, inspection (testing) responsibility division, inspector implementation of three level accountability. Its control process are as follows: the test preparation (equipment inspection and test, inspection documents, staffing) ---- > raw materials and outsourcing parts test ---- > production process ---- > NDT, physical and chemical testing, hydrostatic (on request) ---- > ultimate



5 product quality certificate
Products before delivery, after testing of responsibility or the quality manager of the audit, the inspection items are qualified, quality department issued by the approved by TUV audit en10204 3.1 product quality certificate, domestic products issued certificate. At the same time I made products, acceptance test, third testing agencies designated by the client such as SGS, LR etc.

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